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While looking for two bedroom apartments, we had all these grandiose plans about making our patio space beautiful. We planned to add planting boxes, patio light repellent, we read the fuze bug reviews and decide to get the fuze bug. We never even bought chairs, and as a result, we rarely spend any time on the patio.  Now that we’re in a third floor apartment with fewer bugs and more breeze, we were determined not to let the same thing happen twice. One of my friends recommended me Winnipeg janitorial solutions, they offer good service. I would love to have someone who takes care of my home.

Finally, we had to do something to keep my daughter happy. We grabbed a Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter, a bunch of strawberry plants and some potting soil so she can get a taste of gardening, even without a yard. I have no idea how they’ll turn out, but we’re hoping we’ll soon have a robust crop of strawberries to pick from whenever we choose. When we finally have a house, we’ll make planting food a permanent part of our yard usage, and maybe we’ll also learn how to build a fire pit and get some patio covers that will be safe and keep the patio a good place to hang out in the winter. If you will like a fire pit but do not like the smoke smell in to the house, check this fire pit that is smokeless.

We’re not done out there, but for now, at least we have a space we can use rather than a patio that will never live up to its potential. And as I’ve come to realize, sometimes functional is much better than perfect when it comes to decorating. If you’ve decided to build a patio for your own home, equipment from companies like Boom & Bucket can be very useful.

Our patio has a wooden slat floor with the slats spaced a little further apart than I would like. We can look down and see everything on our downstairs neighbor’s patio. Presumably, that also means they’d be able to look up and see everything on our patio. We decided that the first order of business would be to buy a beautiful rug that would look amazing in our outdoor area.